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Importance of SEO

1-    Brand building

The main purpose of SEO is generating traffic which later on converts into sales and leads, but other than that it has another benefit of improving brand image. If you own a brand, an online presence is going to build your brand to the level where people recognize you through your logo, name and products and increase your share in market. Online presence does not mean that you are only available through your website, but it also includes other social media channels. Using all the social media channels will increase the chances of people searching for you product or services which increase more traffic. Brand building is not an easy task but if you understand the importance of SEO it will definitely improve your overall brand image by increasing brand reach. More search engine traffic leads to more sales and higher page ranking which relatively helps in brand building.

2-    Better positions on the SERP

Your position on SERP plays very important role in the number of clicks you receive on your site. The top three positions on the SERP receive an average of 60% of all the clicks according to Advanced Web Ranking.

3-    More Traffic

Consumers searching for particular product or service usually gets the result which is generally available in market with higher ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). To increase your position on SERP you will need more clicks on



  • Improved visibility

Visibility of the site increases as rankings improve. When you observe all the errors and fix them, also start with your specified keyword to include in your content. You will start increasing your position. It might not take you to the top, but you will see the difference.

  • Better engagement with site users

As you get the idea of importance of SEO, you will improve your content and make it worth clicking for. Your users will start to increase as they will get what they are looking for in your site. As visibility of the site will improve the reputation of site will also increase. More people will visit your site means more leads and more leads convert to sales.

    • Improved user experience

Optimizing your site and reducing load from your website will improve user experience. This can help in better ranking on search engine.


Tips to rank higher on Google searches

1-    Publish Relevant Content

If you wish your website to rank higher, then you should avoid all the irrelevant content on your site. People tend to like the content which is more accurate and answers all their questions. Relevant content is more important in the eyes of Google, than long form content filled with irrelevant words. Google pays special attention to those site which serves its user with most useful and trustworthy content. Good quality content can grasp the attention of users and these users are your stairways to higher rank in Google search.


2-    Metadata

Title metadata is the most essential metadata on your page. The page titles you see on top of the browser window and the headlines in search engine results are displayed by that title metadata.

Description metadata is the short description of your page which is meant for the users. So that they would know what they are going to see in your page. It has to be appealing description which encourage users to click on the page.


3-    Decrease your homepage’s load time

For the past few years, Google is focusing on providing exceptional user experience. And it is only possible if you will not let them wait while using your site. Reducing your homepage’s load will save them time and let them find what they were searching for on your website. This will have positive impact on your website as the number of people visiting your site will increase. User satisfaction is Google’s top priority.

4-    Create interesting content

Creating creative and interesting content will engage the users and keep their attention on your content. Providing all the necessary information is mandatory but if you be creative with it, this will be a huge plus point for you. It will help you to retain your users and make them share your website with their own circles.

5-    Have a link-worthy site

‘Click here’ links are outdated and are not very much in use. Writing name of the destination instead can help user understand where this link will lead them. Also, including keywords in name of destination will not only increase your search engine ranking but also the ranking of the page you are linking to. Using descriptive links will improve SEO and also helps users to understand about the page they are heading to.



6-    Use alt tags

If you have video or visual media to add then you should describe them using alt tags or alternative text descriptions. This will allow search engines to locate your page easily.


7-    Content Marketing

When you create such interesting content for your site, the next thing you will need to do is market that content. You can use Social media Platforms to market your content which will not only increase your followers but also build a trust of users in your business. A good quality content will be loved by both the search engine and users. This will eventually aid you in increasing your ranking.